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Do you remember the Blind Melon “No Rain” video? The little girl in a bee suit, running around looking for her tribe? Searching location after location, until one day she peers through meadow gates and sees all these bee-suited people dancing wildly. She breaks through the gates, leaps into their arms with glee, finally finding her tribe. Well, we found our tribe! The funny thing is we didn’t even know there was a tribe or that we were looking for it. But once we found it, it clicked instantly that these were our people. Luckily we didn’t have to break through gates to find them.


I had learned about a club of working-aged, full-time RVers called the Xscapers, and that they’d be converging in Quartzite, Arizona in January. So we went and boondocked (no hookups to electric, water, sewer, etc) and met the most interesting and fun group of people, all with unique stories of why they transitioned to the RV lifestyle. Some had been on the road for less than two months and some up to fourteen years, and many with rewarding careers. We met salespeople, video game developers, web designers, bloggers/vloggers, marketers, artists and more.


This opens us up to a whole new world of possibilities. Leaving our corporate jobs to pursue a nomadic life meant giving up income for awhile until we figured out plan B. It turns out that plans C, D, and E also exist, and we have to challenge ourselves to think outside the cubicle. There are so many people making life on the road a reality instead of just a dream and we were inspired by so many of them. While we could list many more, here are just a few to check out:


-Mortons on the Move
-RV Love
-RV Outlawz
-Super and Sunshine
-The Freedom Theory
-Traveling with JP
-Trinkles on Tour


While we may not be wearing bee suits, we are buzzing with excitement for the next phase of our journey (sorry had to do it). Stay tuned because we plan to document and share that journey with you.


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