Top 5 Haunted Campgrounds

Looking for a spooky Halloween adventure? Here are the top 5 haunted campgrounds across the USA. From the east coast to the west coast and stops in between there is something for everyone.

‘Tis the season for ghouls and goblins, witches, and wizards, and for us outdoorsy types, it can also be the season for haunted camping.

If you love sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories, then this article is right up your alley. Grab your tent or RV and head out to one (or all) of these haunted campgrounds.

Where To Find Haunted Campgrounds

The easiest way to find haunted campgrounds in your area is to Google it! There are listings for haunted campgrounds all across the country. If you are looking for a fun camping experience for the whole family then try camping during the spooky season.

So here are our haunted camping recommendations.

Haunted Campground Ghost

The Braley Pond Campground

Braley Pond Campground is popular with hikers, campers, and fishermen with a pond and nearby creek. It is in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest near West Augusta, Virginia.

While it seems like a tranquil forest environment during the day that can all change as the sun sets.

People have reported getting nauseous when in the area, seeing floating orbs of light, and hearing horses galloping down the road. The most well-known tale is about the ghost that haunts Braley Pond.

Campers claim to have heard loud laughter that can’t be accounted for, and a ghostly figure floating over the creek.

Take a weekend camping trip if you dare!

Antietam Creek Campground

If you are a civil war buff, then you have most likely heard of the Battle of Antietam. On September 17, 1862, the deadliest battle of the Civil War took place near Hagerstown, Maryland. The battle of Antietam Creek left 23,000+ soldiers dead, MIA, or wounded.

At the Antietam Creek Campground, campers have had encounters with military ghosts, and claim to feel supernatural energy all around the area.

This sounds like a great place to tell ghost stories around the campfire!

Haunted Campgrounds_Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Recreation Area Campground

The story from the Crystal Lake Recreation Area Campground is a tragic one. The year was 1934, and Stephen Majors was hired to help build the Crystal Lake Amphitheater & Dance Studio in the Angeles National Forest. The Majors family was living in a tent close to the construction site.

One night the parents went for a walk while the children were asleep in the tent, and when they returned a bear was attacking the children, and then the parents. All were killed and buried on the hillside below the dance studio.

As the story goes many people have seen the apparitions of two adults and two children at the dance studio ruins. This would be a great reason to shuffle out of LA for the weekend and do some spooky camping at Crystal Lake.

Beaver Creek Campground

In August of 1959, a 7.5 earthquake hit the West Yellowstone area of the Madison River in Montana. The quake triggered a landslide and millions of pounds of rocks & boulders crashed into a campground killing 28 campers.

Quake Lake was formed by this huge landslide, and the remains of the campground & trailers sit at the bottom of the lake.

If you’re a brave soul and camp at Beaver Creek Campground be sure to take a stroll down to Quake Lake at night. If it is a moonless night you may be one of the lucky ones who see glowing orbs floating over the water where the campground once was.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

If you’re looking for more haunted campgrounds in California, then add Humboldt Redwoods State Park to your list. While you might catch a glimpse of Bigfoot, you also might encounter the spirits of Native Americans. The Sinkyone people used to live in this forest, and their spirits remain to protect the sacred trees (more on them in a minute).

Visitors and campers have reported seeing spirits standing in the dark forest, and slowly melting into the forest.

The Humboldt Redwoods State Park is also home to 6 “ghost trees” that the Sinkyone people deem sacred trees and are protecting. The “ghost trees” are rare albino redwoods that average 30 feet tall. A benefit of camping at Humboldt Redwoods State Park is that you could say you saw a GHOST – a “ghost tree” that is.

As for the spirits of the Sinkyone people you might have a ghost of a chance of seeing one!

Conclusion Of The Top 5 Haunted Campgrounds

We hope you find this list of 5 haunted campgrounds useful, and that someday you venture out for a spooky camping trip.

Get the bonfire blazing, tell ghost stories, and save a place around the campfire because you never know who might join you!

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