What Does the Future of Remote Work Look Like?


What does the future of Remote work look like? 2020 will drive the drastic and long-term changes to how we work.

2020 was an unusual year to say the least. Many in-person jobs were eliminated and many people were laid off let-go, and forced-out. This really breaks my heart.

According to the 2020 Workforce Report authored by Upwork:

  • 39% of hiring managers have seen or expect layoffs at their organizations
  • They predict only 53% of laid-off employees will be hired back
  • 44% Growth in remote work in the last 5 years

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You have seen these numbers with friends, family, the news, perhaps yourself.  The impacts of a global pandemic on the workforce are astounding, but not all is grim.  The fact is that more and more jobs and businesses will be going remote. If you are someone who is looking for work, this should be encouraging. More remote jobs than ever are being created. Additionally, even though many jobs were eliminated, jobs that used to be in-person are being overhauled to go remote.

The fact is 2020 will reshape how we work for years to come.

Now is the time to get prepared for the future of remote work. The way I see it is that you have two options:

  1. Be forced before you are ready to be remote.
  2. Choose to be remote before you are forced.

If you are prepared to have a remote job then you can leverage what job you are happy to accept, have access to more jobs, be able to negotiate your salary, and in general be in a better position to leverage your choice of remote work.

mobile office setup n the mountains

A mobile office set up in the mountains.

Do you have the qualifications to work remotely?

A lot of our blog readers have emailed me with things like:

“I want to work remotely, but I don’t have the skills.”

“I build things with my hands, how is that ever going to work?”

The real truth is that many people underestimate and undervalue their skills and you have more skills than you think!

The key to remote work is this: Transferable skills.

How many of you “work from home” paid or not? Do you take photos and videos with your cell phone? How about jumped on a zoom call or meeting with family or work? If you are reading this now, it is from email or you searched and found this online. Have you saved something to the cloud-like google docs?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you have enough skills to work online. This is one of the most important ideas  If you answered no, now is the time to start learning.  The future of work is remote and online.

Ask yourself this question:

What experience or skills do I have that can transfer to another job or career? Write those down.

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2020 reshaped how and when we work. It caused people to rethink how they will work in the future. The bottom line that you are more talented and skilled than you realize, and you can reinvent yourself in a whole new way in the remote world.

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