Paula and Darryl, Fun and Interesting People!

We were pulling into the Turquoise Valley Golf Course and RV park in Naco, Arizona, when the bubbly and warm Paula, bounded from her rig to welcome us to the park. At first I was thinking, “oh no, she’s unhappy that we’re parking next to her and might encourage us to move” (sometimes in RV parks there can be space concerns).


But quite the opposite was true; Paula was excited to greet us and introduce herself. She excitedly beckoned her husband Darryl to come meet us and we got to knowing each other right away. Paula and Darryl have been RVing for a couple of years and found themselves a sweet deal on a rig. They set a budget and found an owner who was willing to let his rig go at their price. What they didn’t know at the time was that it included a “toad” (a car towed behind the RV)! That’s what we call Crushing It.


Paula and Darryl are fun, social people, and introduced us to the Gay 90’s Bar in Naco, AZ where we ate free tacos, drank free beer, and danced the night away to traditional Mexican music on New Year’s Eve. They also invited us to have lunch with them across the border in Naco, Mexico. We walked over, had lunch, and then spent the rest of the night chatting away in their RV. Paula makes a mean White Russian! They are such great people and one of our first real connections on the road. We hope to visit them this year in their home state of Missouri.


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