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Trying to choose a gift for your RV lovin’ friends or family members can be hard. What do you give someone who lives in roughly 300 square feet or less? After living full-time in an RV for nearly two and a half years, we’ve carefully curated a gift list of essentials and nice-to-have items that have made our journey much more enjoyable. It offers a variety of gift ideas at various prices for your favorite RVer. We hope you find our top gift ideas for RV owners helpful.

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Top Gift Ideas For The Kitchen

Stainless Steel French Press

Our french press coffee maker is one of our favorite items in the RV—each morning on the road starts with a hot cup of joe. Our french press is small enough that it doesn’t take up much space, yet large enough to serve at least four cups of coffee. Its stainless steel design is durable and nearly unbreakable, which is really important when you’re in an RV. Our last french press was glass and lasted about two weeks on the road before shattering into a hundred pieces. Lesson learned.

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Must Have Coffee Filters

A perfect companion gift are these awesome Caffi paper filters we use in our french press. Sure you can just throw ground coffee in the press, but they’re messy to clean out without the filters—especially when boondocking (camping without water, electric, and sewer hookups) and can waste a lot of water. They’re a bit pricey for filters, but the convenience and environmental benefits are worth it.

Click here to check out the Caffi Filters.

By the way, click here to read more about environmentally friendly RVing.

The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

One of the most popular kitchen items on the market is the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Everybody loves this gadget, but we and other RVers love it even more because it’s the perfect size and functionality for a small kitchen. Cooking a variety of one pot meals while on the road is simple and efficient. One of my favorite meals to prepare is putting a chicken, vegetables and spices in with water and cooking it for 15 minutes. Bam! I have a hearty chicken stew for nearly a week.

Top gift ideas for Rv Owners

Camille’s easy chicken pressure cooker meal.

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The Anova Sous Vide

This item is kind of a splurge, but a luxury we really enjoy cooking with on the road. We like it for the same reason we like the Instant Pot—convenience! The Anova is a Sous Vide cooking device known for cooking meats evenly and to tender perfection without creating a big mess in the kitchen. You just put water in a pot or container, place your food in a plastic bag, and let the Anova slow-cook your meal while you watch your favorite Netflix show or read that great book. We waited to buy this on Prime Day and got it at a steal for only $79. If you want this, you may want to consider waiting for the next great deal.

Gift ideas for RV owners Sous Vide

Click here to see the Sous Vide cooker.

Coleman Portable Propane Grill

Camping and barbecuing go hand in hand. But one of the biggest complaints about RV travel is having to leave your fancy giant BBQ at home. But we found a great portable gas BBQ that we use on our travels. Our standup Coleman BBQ sets up in a snap, and turns out great grilled fare every time. Our free standing model does require a bit of storage space, so you may want to shop around for a table top model if space in the RV is limited.

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Gourmia Food Dehydrator

Early in our RV travels, we decided to try the Whole 30 Diet. This protein-rich diet removes many foods known to cause inflammation and can result in many health benefits including weight loss. It was challenging to find reasonably-priced beef jerky and dried snacks used in this diet, so we decided to buy an affordable dehydrator and do it ourselves. It’s a little on the larger side, but can dehydrate large quantities of food which is great for feeding your hungry family and friends on the road.

 Click here to see the Gourmia Food Dehydrater.

Set of Four Plastic Wine Glasses

If you’re a wine drinker (or any beverage really), you’ll love these plastic wine glasses for your RV! Made of lightweight plastic, they’re reasonably durable and easy to hold with its finger impression. We’ve also had soft and squishy plastic glasses, but prefer a sturdier grip and feel the softer plastic compound may impact the flavor of wines.

Click here to see the wine glass set.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

When we first moved into our RV, we bought a padded fabric floor mat for the kitchen. While it made standing for long periods a little less painful, it didn’t take long for it to get real dirty in our RV. Lighter fabrics tend to show more of the dirt and stains. So we switched it out for a darker no-slip, easy-to-clean foam mat. It’s been one of our best purchases this year!

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Top Gift Ideas For Camping, Outdoor and Exercise Equipment

Gazelle Pop-Up Portable Tent

One of the joys of RVing is spending time outside. But flies, mosquitoes and other pests can kill the dream. The Gazelle pop-up gazebo tent has been the perfect solution. Now we can hang out outside and protect ourselves from the elements. We also purchased the wind panels for added protection. This model is quite large and can fit a good sized table for about 6 people. In hindsight, we wished we had purchased the smaller size as it’s just the two of us using it, and it’s a whole lotta tent space.                        Click here to check out the Gazelle.

Osprey Talon Daypack

One of the reasons we chose to RV full-time was to spend more time exploring the great outdoors. Whether we’re hiking the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee or the Tetons of Wyoming, we need a great daypack to carry food, water, extra clothing layers, and supplies on the trails. Bryce has really been impressed with his Osprey Talon daypack. It’s lightweight yet durable, very comfortable, and has a unique backing which provides ample airflow and prevents moisture buildup. This very versatile pack also has a lightweight hip belt which can be used for heavier loads.

Osprey Backback gift for RV Owner

Bryce and his beloved Osprey daypack.

Click here to see the Osprey Day Pack.

Nixy Inflatable Paddleboard

For those who enjoy getting out on the water, we recommend a Nixy inflatable paddleboard. It’s perfect for those without a vehicle roof rack and fits within a large backpack (Camille is 5’ 2” and handles it just fine) that can be stored in your car. It comes with a pump and inflates in about 7 minutes (we timed it), and is amazingly solid and durable. And here’s the best part—Camille’s roommate from the late 90s created this great product line!

Click here to check out the Nixy Inflatable Paddleboard.

Foldable Exercise Mat

While living and working on the road, there are times we’re not able to get out and exercise as much as we’d like. We use a padded exercise mat for stretching and exercises. The mat folds into three sections allowing for quick workouts either inside or outside the RV. While requiring more storage space than a yoga mat, the extra padding makes workouts safer and more comfortable.

Click here to check out the exercise mat.

Top Gift Ideas For Tech Gear

Sony Mirrorless 6300 Camera

Okay, this one is a splurge, but the Sony Mirrorless 6300 Camera is perfect for the photo enthusiast and professional photographer alike. This mirrorless camera is the perfect size for travelers. I did A LOT of camera research before I bought it, and I am thrilled with my purchase. It takes great photos, is easy to use, and you can grow into it. Even professional wedding photographers use it as a backup. I have noticed many more people using this and similar Sony camera models. Here’s a photo I took at dusk using my Sony.

Sparks Lake Bend Oregon

Sparks Lake Bend, Oregon

Click here to see the Sony 6300 Mirrorless Camera.

HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer

If your friend or family member plans to work on the road like we do, we have a reliable low-cost multi-function device to handle their office needs. The HP OfficeJet 5255 is an inkjet printer, copier, scanner and fax machine all rolled into a single compact device. It’s an upgraded version of the printer we have with faster print speeds and other improvements. It’s small footprint and light weight allows us to put it on the dashboard or dinette table, and can be conveniently stored away when not in use.

                 Click here to see the HP Office Jet 5255 printer.

Top Gift Ideas For Other Gadgets

Suction Cup Drink Holder

We have a Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32SA motorcoach, and we love many things about it. We don’t love how awkward it is to grab your coffee or drink cup while sitting in the driving cab. This handy-dandy suction cup drink holder has made Bryce’s job of drinking (non-alcoholic beverages, of course) and driving so much easier. It has a surprisingly strong grip, and if you clamp it properly, it’s not going anywhere (we learned this once the hard way).

Click here to check out the suction cup drink holder.

Lasko Portable Electric Heater

When your travels take you to places that are chilly, it’s nice to have a little extra help. The Lasko portable electric space heater is convenient for heating up a small area quickly. It’s a great alternative when you don’t need to run the electric or propane heat through the whole rig. Please be careful handling it as the front does get hot to the touch, and we wouldn’t recommend leaving it on unattended or on overnight.

Click here to see the Lasko portable heater.

Top Gift Ideas For RV Owners with Cats 

Hidden Kitty Litter Box

When people visit us in our RV they often comment on our cool little table between the driver and passenger seats. Surprise! It’s a keenly disguised cat litter box housing. Yes, we travel with our cat, Parker, and this invention is really perfect for RVers with cats. It hides the box and gives your furry friend some privacy, too. Bonus—you can put your plastic wine glasses on top (if a cat box table top doesn’t gross you out).

Click here to see the Hidden Kitty Litter Box.

Cat Sifter Litter Box

We found an ingenious cat litter box system that makes our job of cleaning up after our beloved furry friend easy and convenient. The system of two trays and a sifting insert is genius. Step one: sift the sand into one of the trays and dispose of what is caught. Step two: place the sifter in the empty tray and pour in the remaining sand from the other tray, and nest the trays when done. Presto, you have a clean cat box without having to do an archeological dig!

Click here to check out the Cat Sifter Litter Box.

Top Gift Ideas for Education and Training

The Best Full-Time RV Book on the Market

If you or someone you know is interested in full-time RVing, then A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV is a must-have book. We know the author, Alyssa Padgett, personally and can tell you she produces high-quality work. After many years on the road, she’s extremely knowledgeable, funny, and her book covers literally everything you need to know about RVing.

Click here to browse the Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV.

The Best Remote Work Online Course on the Market (Okay, I might be a little biased)

If you’re looking to live in an RV and travel full or even part-time, income might be holding you back. How to make money is one of the top challenges for people making the transition to living the full-time RV life. Therefore, Camille developed a course based on her years of experience in career development, training, and nomadism to help people find remote work to sustain their travels. Hundreds of people have completed the course, with many landing remote jobs or starting their freelance careers.

Remote Work 101

Click here to review Remote Work 101: Work, Live, and Travel Where you Want.


We hope you enjoyed our top gift ideas for RV owners. Did we miss anything? What are your favorite RV gift ideas? 

If you’re looking to transition to full-time RVing or extended travel, click here to get the Wanderlust Transition Plan. This document helps you plan through all the phases of getting on the road.

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