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This is an interview between me and my fellow RV friend, Tina Lorenz, also known as the Queen of Copy and The Millionaire Maker. In this article, you will learn how to make a great copywriter salary from anywhere and at any age.

I add my thoughts throughout the article in the “What stands out to me” sections. I think you will be inspired by her story and what’s possible as a copywriter.

You can watch the video chat interview here.

A little background on Tina Lorenz

Tina Lorenz

Tina and I met at a conference for people who run businesses from their RV. I have seen Tina speak at multiple online events and have learned that she is the authority on building a lucrative copywriting career. She’s the real deal, and if copywriting is something you want to learn more about, you should definitely keep reading this post.

Tell us about your background and how you got started with copywriting.

I started way late! I have no college degree and have been on my own since 17 years old. In my 40s, I narrowly escaped being murdered by a psychopath. I ended up traumatized in a domestic violence shelter with my kids. How’s that for a start?

I moved past the survival phase and into the thriving phase. I met my husband, who supported me through that process, but we had nothing and had to start over. We purchased an RV—a massive 40-something foot motorhome that I drive because he’s legally blind.

We started traveling and working at different events and selling products. We loved it, but weren’t making much money. After that, we decided to settle in a home. Then, one day, at 50 years old I saw an ad about copywriting. I had no idea what that was, but, I thought, “I can do this!”

I started by writing an ad to sell our motorhome. Instead of focusing on the RV, I focused on the view and the lifestyle. One thing led to another, doors opened, and I was on my way to a copywriting career.

What stands out to me:
Tina has perseverance and courage. She’s willing to put herself out there and try things—even if she isn’t totally sure what she’s doing. Oh, and she started this business at 50 from her RV. If you’re inspired, keep reading!

Can you tell us about the different types of copywriters?

It’s not that there are different types of copywriters—whether you’re writing for a blog, magazines, video scripts, or sales letters—it’s more that the structure and foundation of copywriting are key. I have never had a niche. I have the ability to step into the shoes of my client.

There’s a misunderstanding that maybe if it’s corporate, it’s not for you. But really, copywriting is essential for anything you are trying to accomplish online.

If you want to monetize your blog, for example, you must understand the elements of the copy. You need to learn how to be engaging and pull people towards you. This is what good copy can accomplish.

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What is your focus as a copywriter?

I specifically write marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, and help them build what’s called “marketing funnels.”

I create everything from opt-ins (how people get on your email list), email marketing, catalogs, video scripts, webinar scripts, and more! But you could focus on just one element of copy and make a very good living just doing that.

How do you find clients?

At this point, my business is based on referrals. I used to do Google Ad Words when I was first starting out, but don’t do that anymore.

I would say that the key thing is networking. This is what truly opens doors for me. Everybody needs a copywriter. People are afraid to write their own copy and you can be the solution. Even as an entry-level copywriter, you’re three steps ahead of people who may be your potential clients.

It’s about being seen and heard. This includes going to events, being on social media, doing some video, using your Facebook business page, if you have a budget use Facebook ads. But really, going to events and networking is still at the top of the list.

Also, don’t go to events thinking, “How can I get a client.” Instead focus on, “How can I serve people?” “How can I help people?” I always ask, “Hi, what’s your name, where are you from, and how far did you travel to get here?”

After getting to know each other, I may ask what they’ve tried related to copywriting in their business and then offer some helpful tips. People always appreciate that and see the value that you bring. From this, comes great opportunities.

I went to one event and from just a few conversations I left with $100,000 worth of business. And I was still kind of new at that point!

What stands out to me:
I’m so happy that Tina says networking is her #1 tip. I tell my students in my Remote Work 101 course this, too. She also tells people what she does, and how she can help them. She doesn’t shy away from this and I believe this is what makes her so memorable. Let me remind you that Tina started her career at 50. Amazing!

How does someone make a great copywriter salary?

There are courses that will say you can make six-figures as a copywriter. That’s entirely possible and I did that in my first year.

I have a free workshop where I teach this. I’ve been in the trenches for a long time now and really understand fee structures. If you master just three elements, you can start making up to $3,500 a month even in your first month! And then, when you get better and faster you can do twice that and more. For some people this is enough, for others, they’d be happy with just $60-70,000 a year. That is totally doable as a copywriter, especially as a freelancer.

There’s a mindset that goes with that. There’s no magic fairy dust around this. You do have to apply yourself and own this new identity and believe that this is possible for you. You also have to trust that you have an inner wisdom that you can bring to this new role.

What stands out to me:
I love that Tina owned the identity of “copywriter” the minute she decided that’s what she wanted to do. The students in my course often struggle with letting go of their old career identity and saying that they are XYZ because they feel like a fraud. Imposter syndrome really holds them back from claiming the new identity.

Can you tell us more about your copywriting program?

I have a program called Authentic Copy.

I teach three basic elements:
1. An opt-in. 2. A sales letter. 3. An email sequence.

Just these three elements can get someone started as an entry-level copywriter.

Again, as long as you’re three steps ahead of your client you will be marketable. That’s what I help people do in the program.

Another thing I do that’s a little different is start with mindset and bookend it with spirituality. I teach people how to infuse these elements into their work, which serves their clients at a higher level than most copywriters.

What stands out to me:
This is one of the things that attracted me to Tina. I love that she taps into another source of inspiration. To clarify, Tina also teaches people how to make a great copywriter salary and to charge what they’re worth. Some clients would do backflips of joy to pay someone $3,500 to get a good email sequence. Tina now charges $40-50,000 for projects like this and gets paid 100% in advance. Wowzers!

What are the first three things someone can do to get started as a copywriter?

Number one, you have to tune up your mindset. The money and success mindset is essential. Also, if you like marketing but not selling, that’s a mindset issue and you’ll need to get past that. You need to shift your mindset and realize that you are providing solutions to people.

Second, get your marketing antenna up. Look around and start seeing what’s out there and what appeals to you. Remember to network and tell people what you do and how you can help.

Lastly, invest in yourself. It’s important to learn from experts. Read books from copywriters like Dan Kennedy, which will provide foundational knowledge and help you figure out your focus. Ultimately take some kind of course to help you hone your craft and fees.


I hope you found this article about making a great copywriter salary from anywhere at any age as inspiring as I did. Tina’s story of getting started as a copywriter at 50 with no college degree and now earning upwards of $40-50,000 per project is mind-blowing to me. It proves that when you make a decision and believe in yourself, really anything is possible.

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