Going From Office Workers To Working Namds

Do you want to know how to go from office workers to working nomads? Sean and Julie Chickery, a couple with a shared passion for travel, embarked on a unique journey after Sean’s 20-year service in the US Air Force. Their decision to live on the road full-time for six years was driven by a desire to experience more of the United States, particularly through the lens of RV travel​​. This lifestyle choice represents a significant departure from the traditional post-military career path, underscoring their commitment to exploration and freedom.

Life on the Road

Their life on the road is facilitated by their 30′ Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel RV, pulled by a Chevy 3500 HD Dually. This setup symbolizes not just their mode of travel but also a home that moves with them. They enjoy “slow travel,” a concept that allows them to savor each destination and experience more deeply​​. This approach reflects a deliberate choice to immerse themselves in their surroundings, forming a stark contrast to the fast-paced, deadline-driven environment of many corporate jobs.

Financial Freedom and Management

Remarkably, while embracing their nomadic lifestyle, the Chickerys managed to pay off $137,000 of debt in just two years. This impressive financial feat is a testament to their disciplined approach to budgeting and expense management, even while on the road. They share their financial strategies and experiences through seminars at RV shows across the country, aiming to help others prepare for and sustain the RV lifestyle​.

Creative Pursuits and Entrepreneurship

Julie Chickery, the main author of their blog, has also established herself as a published author and freelance writer. Her transition from a full-time employee to an entrepreneur is a significant aspect of their story, representing the broader theme of reinventing oneself through travel and creative work.

Sean, on the other hand, co-hosts the “Beyond the Wheel” podcast, focusing on the people and ideas that drive the RV industry forward. His involvement in this venture showcases a deep engagement with the RV community and contributes to the industry’s growth and evolution.

Educational and Inspirational Impact

The Chickerys’ journey is more than just a personal adventure; it’s an educational and inspirational saga. Through their website, they cover all aspects of travel, with a focus on RV camping. This includes practical advice on finances, maintenance, sightseeing, and trip planning. They also review every campground and hotel they stay at, providing objective information to help others make informed decisions for their travels. Their commitment to sharing their knowledge and experiences is a valuable resource for both novice and experienced travelers.

Final Thoughts On Going From Office Workers To Working Nomads

Sean and Julie Chickery’s transition from a structured corporate life to becoming nomadic adventurers is a compelling narrative of transformation, courage, and discovery. Their story is not just about travel; it’s about redefining life’s priorities, pursuing passions, and the freedom that comes with financial independence. As they continue to explore, learn, and inspire, their journey serves as a powerful reminder of the possibilities that open up when we dare to step off the beaten path and chart our own course.

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