Anthony, Coal Miner to Tech Expert

Anthony transitioned from coal miner to tech expert. We met him and his wife in Grants, New Mexico when we checked into our RV park. He helped us get situated and told us about things to do in the area. Anthony has been living in NM for only one year. He and his wife (who we didn’t get to meet) relocated after twenty years in Wyoming where he worked as a coal miner. Unfortunately, a layoff meant they had to figure out a plan B. It also meant new possibilities.

They love the outdoors and fishing, and are able to continue those passions in New Mexico (Bonus: the winters feel balmy to them. He was wearing shorts in 38 degrees when we checked in). Anthony is attending school at New Mexico State University, Grants campus, and is studying computer science while also working at the RV park. He talked about how drastically different this is from coal mining.


Anthony has the best attitude and is looking forward to his new future. He said, “I could have hung my head low and given up, got drunk or something, but that’s not me.” We were inspired by Anthony’s courage to reinvent himself after a long, successful career as a coal miner.



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