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Are you struggling to choose an RV that can match the demands of full-time living on the open road? Here is Part 1 of our Best RVs for Full-Time Living: Coaches! Check back for other options in our series on the best RVs for full-time living.

Discover the balance of luxury, technology, and practical design necessary for a home that rolls with the punches.

  • Delve into Class A coaches that offer a true residential feel
  • Unlock the potential of high-tech features for a smooth journey
  • Compact Class B & C models that maximize safety and space
  • The unparalleled indulgence of Super C RVs for the discerning traveler

Continue reading to explore the ultimate guide to selecting the best RVs for your expansive new lifestyle, ensuring every mile is as comfortable as the last.

Class A Coaches: A Home Away From Home

When it comes to full-time RVing, the comforts of home are an essential ingredient for a life on the move. Class A RVs offer just that—a luxurious, expansive living space on wheels. We spotlight the exceptional Newmar Dutch Star, a class A coach that stands out in the world of full-time RV travel. With its choice of twelve different floor plans including the 4311 model, which is designed with accessibility in mind, it’s clear that these coaches are built with thoughtfulness and precision.

The Newmar Dutch Star doesn’t just resemble a home; it functions like one, with high-quality wood cabinetry that adds a touch of elegance and durability, a full-sized refrigerator to store weeks’ worth of groceries, and a pantry for all your kitchen essentials. Not to mention the added luxury of a wine cooler, ensuring your favorite vintage is always at the perfect temperature. Adaptability is key in the Dutch Star, with extra seating and sleeping areas to accommodate guests or simply to provide an expansive living space for yourself.

Beyond mere accommodation, a full-time living RV like the Dutch Star provides an environment that pivots between functional and pleasurable. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B—it’s about enjoying the journey as much as the destination. The Dutch Star embodies this philosophy, making it more than just an RV—it’s a home that meets you wherever you are.

Technology Meets Comfort on the Road

The call of the open road does not mean leaving behind the conveniences and control of the modern world. The Tiffin Allegro carries its own technological oasis within, presenting an array of features that offer ease and efficiency for full-time RVers. In the realm of motorhomes, the Allegro stands out with sizes ranging from 37 to 45 feet, equipped with the innovative OnGuard ACTIVE package. This suite of advanced safety technologies ensures that you maintain control, even when the road gets rough.

Moreover, the integration of the MIRA app brings the digital age to your fingertips, offering revolutionary command over the RV’s multiple electrical and mechanical systems. Life on the go is simplified as you adjust settings, monitor utilities, and customize your living environment with a mere touch on your smart device. What makes the Allegro particularly appealing for customization are the options it provides. Owners can create a space that reflects their style and meets their functional needs, making the Tiffin Allegro a beacon of tailored comfort and high-tech luxury on the road for full-time RV enthusiasts.


Best RV For Full-Time RVing in a Class C


Compact, Versatile, and Safety-Conscious Class B & C Options

For full-timers who prioritize maneuverability and efficiency without sacrificing comfort, Class B and C motorhomes are ideal contenders. Take the Winnebago Solis, for instance. Its foundation on a robust Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis blends practicality with the freedom to navigate tighter spaces that larger RVs cannot. The Solis takes full advantage of its compact size with a clever pop-top design that not only provides an additional sleeping area but also maintains a lower profile when on the move. Inside, essential amenities like shower, dinette seating, and LED lighting ensure comfortable full-time living, while safety is given due focus with LP, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Similarly, the Tiffin Wayfarer seamlessly harmonizes the journey with the destination. Built on the reliable Mercedes-Benz 3500XD chassis with a spirited 3.0-liter diesel engine, the Wayfarer is a Class C marvel. Despite measuring a modest 25 feet, it doesn’t skimp on space or options, boasting four different floor plans with storage possibilities ranging from 37 to an impressive 130 cubic feet. The thoughtful design ensures that every inch serves a purpose, from the overhead compartments to under-bed storage, empowering you to carry all the comforts required for long-term adventures.

Both the Solis and Wayfarer underline the fact that full-time RV living doesn’t have to mean towering rigs with unreachable corners. These Class B and C options not only promise an easier drive and more accessible camping spots but also maintain the all-important residential feel. They remind us that even in smaller spaces, the clever use of floor plans and available storage is vital to creating a sustainable, enjoyable living environment that you’ll be proud to call your home on wheels.

When Luxury is Non-Negotiable: The Super C RV Experience

For those who seek the epitome of luxury and power in their full-time RV living, the Super C category stands out. The Newmar Supreme Aire exemplifies the pinnacle of premium mobile living. With its commanding presence and floorplans that span from 40 to 45 feet, this Super C RV caters to those who demand not just a residence, but a palatial environment on the move. Known for its high-end interior choices, it’s a sanctuary where you can relax to the sounds of a Bose sound system while enjoying your favorite program on a 50-inch Samsung 4K LED TV.

Constructed on the robust M2 112 Freightliner chassis and driven by a potent Detroit DD13-505 engine, the Supreme Aire delivers performance that matches its grandeur. The opulence extends throughout its living spaces, boasting residential-style décor options that grant the freedom to personalize your traveling abode to your taste. This level of customization and luxury transforms full-time RVing into a deluxe venture, proving that no corner of refinement needs to be cut, even on the open road.

In essence, for the dedicated few for whom every detail matters — from the plushness of the seats to the responsiveness of the drive — Super C RVs like the Newmar Supreme Aire offer an unparalleled living experience. They blend the mobility of a home on wheels with the comfort and sophistication of high-end housing, transcending the traditional confines of RVing into a realm where every journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.


In summary, selecting the right RV for full-time living means finding a model that not only meets your travel aspirations but also provides the comforts and conveniences of a permanent residence. Here’s a recap of what to consider:

  • The Newmar Dutch Star epitomizes Class A luxury, with an array of floor plans including the unique accessible option, ensuring ample living space and home-like amenities.
  • Tiffin Allegro marries size with high-tech features, delivering an unparalleled level of control and a personalized living experience through customization.
  • For those seeking efficiency, the Winnebago Solis offers a compact Class B solution, complete with safety features and the versatility of pop-top accommodation.
  • The Supreme Aire by Newmar redefines the Super C category, providing indulgent luxury and robust performance that full-time RVers desire.
  • Compact and nimble, the Tiffin Wayfarer makes for an ideal Class C choice, with multiple floor plans and generous storage to cater to various full-time living needs.

Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re now better equipped to choose an RV that will serve as a comfortable, secure, and enjoyable living space for your full-time adventuring. The open road awaits!

Best RVs For Full-Time RV Living & Other FAQs

What should I look for in an RV for full-time living?

When selecting an RV for full-time living, look for solid construction, ample storage space, and a floor plan that maximizes living areas. Comfort is key, so seek out features such as residential-style furnishings and appliances, efficient heating and cooling systems, and customization options to make the space your own. Additionally, onboard technology for entertainment and utility management can greatly enhance your living experience.

How do I determine the right size RV for full-time living?

The right size RV for your full-time living needs depends on several factors including the number of occupants, lifestyle preferences, and your comfort with driving and maneuvering a larger vehicle. Generally, Class A RVs offer the most living space but may be more challenging to navigate in tight spaces. Alternatively, Class B and Class C RVs provide greater maneuverability at the cost of reduced living space.

Can I live in an RV full-time with pets?

Yes, many people live full-time in an RV with their pets. When choosing an RV for this lifestyle, consider features like easy-to-clean surfaces, temperature regulation for your pet’s comfort, and outdoor access. It is also important to create a cozy, safe space for your pet to retreat to while on the move.

What are some challenges of full-time RV living?

Challenges of full-time RV living include adapting to a smaller living space, managing maintenance and repairs, and handling varying climate conditions. There is also the task of securing long-term park or campsite reservations, especially during peak seasons, and the necessity of developing a plan for mail, healthcare, and other logistics that come with a mobile lifestyle.

Is it cost-effective to live in an RV full-time?

Living full-time in an RV can be cost-effective, particularly if you efficiently manage expenses like campsite fees, fuel, maintenance, and insurance. It also allows for flexibility in location, which can lead to savings if you choose areas with a lower cost of living. However, the initial investment and ongoing costs can vary widely based on the RV model, travel habits, and lifestyle choices.

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