About Us

We are Camille and Bryce, married, former workaholics, who traded in Corporate America for North America, to explore new places, people, and possibilities.


Hi, I’m Camille-part free-spirit, part work-addict. Before hitting the road I was working in corporate training and process improvement. My passion has always been employee engagement through improved processes, leadership and corporate culture.

On the road, I am developing new skills in web design, blogging, and finally after so many years of dreaming…art! I also enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.


Hi I’m Parker-the RV jester. I was discovered living in a garage with thirty other cats. In a stroke of luck, someone put my photo on Facebook mere days before animal control was contacted. That’s how my humans found me. I gave them a run for their money because for the first few weeks, I was so terrified that I hid in a basket and only came out to poop all over the couch. But now, I’m a total love-bug, lap-cat who loves life on the road and enjoys outdoor walks. By the way, that gray-orange cat, who thinks she’s all that, is losing out on a lot of good pets. I’ll happily take the extras.


Hi, I’m Bryce-lover of all things outdoors! Before this journey I spent my days working as a financial planning analyst, helping companies understand the direction for their future through analytics and guidance.
Now I’m focused on developing interests outside of my corporate identity. I enjoy seeing the states that I’ve dreamed about since childhood. Professionally, I’m studying options trading, along with other financial interests.


Hi I’m Bianca-the lady in charge. I was abandoned in a park with my mother and two brothers. A park ranger found me and posted a picture of me on Facebook, which is how my humans found me. They thought they wanted one of my brothers, but when they came to see us in person, apparently my adorable personality swayed them #suckers. While I am cute and soft, do not mess with me. No petting me on my tummy, back, lower neck…well, just rub my ears for no more than about 5 seconds and we’re good. Oh, and that weird looking pale orange “cat,” don’t let him fool, he’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

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